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Now the Good Stuff - Solution to the Case Study

Stress no more, I can help you with your frustrations and provide you with a one-stop solution that is quick for you.


No more time spent speaking to the candidate and getting them to contact the referees and asking for consent for you to call them.  Then trying to contact the referees and no-one answers, they don’t want to talk now, so you must try them again.


What we do is provide you with a consent form that has all the services that we provide. You must complete the form with the candidate’s details (email, mobile number etc) what role they have applied for and tick which services you would like done and ask the candidate to sign the form and email it to us.  That is, it!!! – Then we will get on with the job. 


In the meantime, we will update you on where we are in the process of the background checks and timings.  If you don’t wish to be regularly updated and just left alone that is fine.  We will give you an estimated finalisation date and get back to doing what we know best which is giving you 100% Transparency during the recruitment process.


What we will do: -


Consent Form


We get the form and contact the newbie directly and ask them to complete a reference check form which all the referee’s details on and to confirm that they have spoken to the referee and we have consent to call them.


Then we start to wave our magic wand and get the authentication process rolling.


Psychometric Testing


First, we get the newbie to complete a 15FQ psychometric test this is an extensive and in-depth assessment of the full sphere of the human personality this covers people who work in both the public or private sectors.  Some of the questions it covers are: -


  • Whether a candidate is likely to value and support your organisation's culture, competencies and aspirations?

  • How they are likely to interact with colleagues, clients, suppliers and other people?

  • How they should be managed and motivated?

  • How they are likely to deal with change, solve problems and make decisions?

  • What they are likely to add to team performance?

  • What personal development plans are required to get them from good to great performers?

  • How they are likely to deal with the stresses and strains of the job?


The test will also let us know what red flags came up in the test, these can then be addressed verbally with the referee when we undertake the reference checks.


Verbal Reference Checks


We do not email reference checks directly to the referees.  We believe in 100% transparency and will undertake verbal references only.  If the referee is not available to speak to us, we will set up a time when it is convenient for them, maybe after work as they are in meetings most of the day.


Reference checks need to be done correctly and not rushed to ensure we cover all aspects of the candidate’s skill set and what value and experience they will bring to your business.


We like to see a copy of the job description, this gives us more information in terms of what job they will be doing, expectations of the role and what the company structure and values are.  We are also happy to discuss and add any extra questions you may like us to discuss with a specific referee. 


We will call them out of hours to ensure you get all the three references to give you more clarity in the decision-making process.


Qualifications Check


We will check with the relevant organisation which qualifications they have and what examinations where taken and if they are up to date and that the qualifications stated on the CV are correct.


Personal Credit Check


We will conduct a personal credit check and get the information back to you in 2 working days.  As you are looking at hiring a book-keeper and the main role is dealing with money this will give you an idea of how they handle their own finances to ensure yours are handled correctly.  This is also good to have if you are applying for a company credit card to minimise risk to your business.  The candidate will sign to give consent for the credit check at the start of the process.


Testing – Skillset


We can organise for a book-keeper test, this is designed for people whose job includes bookkeeping functions, using a current desktop or cloud accounting packages. The test assesses knowledge of double entry accounting, the ability to produce accurate month end accounts and the ability to interpret and use the accounts and other financial information.


MOJ – Criminal Check


We can handle getting the paperwork completed and sent off to the MOJ. We offer an amazing service which is our gold service for fast-tracking criminal checks.  This means instead of having to wait around for 20 working days.  We can have this back to you in 4 working days.


Job done and now you have full transparency behind the CV, no stones are left unturned.  Then it is up to you to make the right decision and to decide if you want to hire them or not.


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