Waiting for the Candidate to Accept your Offer.........

The interview is done and dusted! You are happy with the candidate they match the role the company culture and vision of the business.

In today's market, there is a shortage of good candidates to choose from. This enables the candidate to hold all of the cards. They now have an offer from you and your competitor, but how do you make them accept your offer??

Look at the employment contract and be honest with yourself. Is your offer competitive for the position? What perks do you offer (i.e. a day off on their birthday or team cinema days, vouchers for wellness days). If you do any additional training and upskilling development programmes. Ensure that this is all put into the employment contract.

Before any offer is made be prepared to do your market research, you don't want to be offering a salary that isn't competitive in today's market.

Be realistic with your offer, find out with that the candidates salary expectations are whilst in the interview. This enables you to see what the candidate is looking for and what you found in your market research to be the salary.

Keep the doors of communication and negotiation open! Transparency is what is required when it comes to contracts. Speak to the candidate and address any concerns, if it is salary talk about what you are willing to offer and if in 3-6 months the salary can be looked at again (if possible).

Everyone wants to feel a valued member of the team and make sure you help your company to shine by explaining what the perks of the job are! If your company is big on development and helps staff to upskill and gain qualifications, make sure this is mentioned as all this contribute to helping the candidate get a real feel for your organisation.

To stop any nasty surprises from happening, be honest and open from the start this is the best policy for you and the candidate!

You could suggest to the candidate that they could meet some of the team to get a feel for who they will be working with. Maybe organise for them to meet over coffee so it is out of the office and in more of an informal setting.

When the candidate has had a few days to think about the job and met some of the team, give them a call and see how things went after meeting the team and if they had any other questions.

If you can't negotiate and both come to an amicable agreement be prepared to walk away. Do not make false promises this will only make the employee unsettled and then after a few months look for another job and you will be back to square one again, plus frustrated that you lost a fantastic member of your team.

Take care of your team and your team will take care of your business!

Good luck!

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