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Updated: May 30, 2019

When you are hiring new staff it is so important to have a pre-onboarding process in place.

Not only does it give your potential employees a streamlined process to follow, but it also gives you the clarity you need when hiring new employees.

The 3C's Assessment is a vital tool to any organisation and needs to be carried out on all new members of staff.

We provide NZ’s only Candidate Capability & Compatibility Assessment; we like to call it the 3C’s Assessment.

The 3C’s Assessment is Exclusive to your business and is a new way of analysing and assessing potential new employees to see if they are a perfect match for your business.

We have integrated the Extended DISC Profiling into the assessment, which is custom made to match your organisation. The results will be authenticated and analysed by our very own in-house, Accredited DISC Profiling Practitioner.

By doing the 3C’s Assessment on potential new employees, we help you to de-risk your organisation from hiring the wrong team member. Whilst offering you our non-bias and streamlined approach.

​The 3C’s Assessment targets all those questions that may go unanswered in the interview.

What We Do

We will do the due diligence on the potential new employee and help to mitigate the risk to your business, by providing you with our exclusive service, that enables us to see behind the CV.

​When you have finished the interviews and have 2 or 3 potential candidates that you think would be perfect for the role, but who should get the job?

This is when you contact us at Accutate on 09 971 2205

You just need to provide us with the candidate’s name, email address, phone number and job description for the role. Then we will do the rest.

We will contact the candidates directly and start the ball rolling.

We are also able to help with doing Ministry of Justice Criminal Checks, we do this within 4 working days, so no more waiting 20 working days for the information.

If you new employee will be using a company vehicle, let us mitigate the risk to your business by doing a Driving Licence Check.

We will have the completed 3C’s Assessment back to you within 72-hours or even sooner!

If you would like this doing urgently, we can also discuss the options with you.

What We Don’t Do

· Advertising for the job

· Screening CV’s

· Organising interviews

· Advise you on which person you should employ

As the 3C’s Assessment is an exclusive customised report for your business, we are able to use the data and information for further development strategies for the employee that you do choose. This enables us to see how they are progressing within your organisation and also identify any strengths or weaknesses that you need to work on with your new employee. This will help you to develop and grow your employees further in your organisation.

Lead & Manage – Extended DISC Assessment – Management

If you are wanting to see what your management style is, we can do an assessment for you. This will get you to see how you work with your people in your organisation and how your management style impacts your team. This will also show you ways that will help you to communicate more effectively with your team. This helps you to understand your behavioral patterns and performance more in-depth. Self-awareness helps us all grow and develop as individuals and we like to see our clients thrive in their business.

Let's get talking, give us a call on 09 971 2205 or email

Our motto is “Never Judge A Book by Its Cover” that is why we do it for you!

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