The Good Old Subject of Workplace Gossiping

Updated: May 30, 2019

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It happens, but how you deal with it counts

This happens in most workplaces, when staff are stood around in the kitchen waiting for their cup of tea to mash talking about how the working week is going.

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Stop the gossiping in your office

Everyone likes a good gossip, but sometimes workplace gossiping can become unpleasant and sometimes malicious, then it needs to be nipped in the bud and fast.

First thing first, don’t get involved in the office gossip, if you hear others gossiping ask them to stop! Or speak to a supervisor about your concerns.

Ignoring gossip can cause situations to develop that can harm a company’s reputation and even worse it can affect the bottom-line. Employees can start to become unsettled at work or even feel that they are being bullied.

This can cause the employee to have low-self-esteem or start to feel ostracized from their other team members. Even worse it may affect their mental wellbeing further down the line or you could end up losing an amazing employee through this.

However, addressing gossip can be very difficult to do. Discerning the truth behind what has been gossiped about shouldn’t be a concern. Stopping the rumours and protecting your employee from being subjected to negative gossiping should be the main focus to start with.

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Think before you speak!

To prevent gossiping from starting up in your business it is beneficial also in protecting the company culture and avoiding the negative impact that this can bring on an organisation in regard to a high staff turnover rate.

Putting together a policy that specifically forbid employees from gossiping about one another and encouraging positive communications can be a game changer in the office should it arise.

Making sure that your Managers and Supervisors act as role models and don’t feed into gossip is also very important in preventing idle gossip.

By thinking ahead of time about the best ways to foster productive communications and discourage gossip and rumors, you may work to establish a positive company culture.

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Have regular team meetings to keep the communication channels open

Through regular team meetings an open-door policy and regular one-on-one meetings, this enables you to gain the trust of your employees and lets them know that you do care and value them and the work they do for your organisation.

In creating a positive and productive work environment and promoting trust in co-workers, management and the company, this will keep your employees focused on doing their very best at work. Whilst knowing that you care, and that gossiping is not tolerated in your business.

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