Do You Know The Frustrations Of Your Employees?

Updated: May 30, 2019

Would you say that your employees are happy in their role?

You might think they are all happy, but look abit closer, how do they interact with their team members, is the work being completed on time and to the standard required. 

Do we have a lose cannon in the team or is someone not pulling their weight in the team?

We would all love for our employees to be happy at work and come into work smiling and skipping through the door, but sometimes problems arise within the team and being able to identify it early can help you deal with it effectively, whilst ensuring that you don’t lose a valued member of staff.

One thing that does make employees frustrated is having to pull the weight of other co-workers. This can be because their co-worker isn’t performing as expected in the role or they are just dam right lazy. 

Nobody wants to be going to work and then having to do other team-members work also. Fair enough if you are going through a busy period and a deadline is to be met it is expected that every team member has to put all hands to desk.

Keep the communication open for all

So, how do you identify if your employees are frustrated and how do you deal with this?

Well it’s simple, speak to your teams see how they are getting on. We are all full on busy with our own lives at the moment and sometimes we need to slow down and STOP and see how other people are doing.

Look at the team dynamics sit down and have an open discussion or look at doing a 1:1 “How are you doing” chat. We all want to feel valued and an important member of the team

When you have had these chats with your staff then you can look at identifying where the weak link is in the team and deal with it in the best way to ensure that all staff are pulling their weight.

Changes won't happen overnight or they might go back to square one and the frustrates start again. You need to ensure that you are listening to all your team members, follow up on how things are working or are not working.

Don't give up on your staff and your staff won't give up on you!

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