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Updated: May 30, 2019

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Job offer decline

An interview can go great, but are you prepared for what happens when a candidate declines your offer?

If a candidate goes through your hiring and recruiting process and also seems to be a perfect fit for the company’s culture, offering them the job is typically the next option, right?

However, what do you do when they turn your offer down?

After spending all that time, effort and resources having a candidate turn down an offer can be pretty disappointing.

There are a variety of reasons why a candidate might turn down your job offer.

The most common being, they took another job offer from a different company. Perhaps, that company offers a salary and benefits package that you can’t compete with. However, if candidates are repeatedly rejecting your offer, you might want to consider this as being a learning opportunity into why this is happening.

Accutate NZ
Candidate feedback is essential for your business

Feedback is essential for both the candidate and the company, you can give the candidate a call and ask why they have declined the offer you will be surprised at the reasons why they declined the offer, plus it gives you the insights into how you might need to improve the recruitment process going forward.

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