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What do we solve?

  • Taken off the pressure of pre-onboarding checks.

  • Done the due diligence on potential new candidates.

  • Completed all admin real-time consuming tasks

  • Saved you $$$$ on recruitment costs.

  • No more playing phone tag with referees.

  • Identified the strengths/weakness and the personality trait analysis of the candidate with the Extended DISC Assessment.

  • Helped to reduce staff turnover by you hiring the perfect fit for your business.

  • Given you full transparency behind the CV.

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What is the 3C's Assessment?

We provide NZ’s only Candidate Capability & Compatibility Assessment; we like to call it the 3C’s Assessment.

The 3C’s Assessment is Exclusive to your business and is a new way of analysing and assessing potential new employees to see if they are a perfect match for your business.

We have integrated the Extended DISC Profiling into the assessment, which is custom made to match your organisation.


The results will be authenticated and analysed by our very own in-house, Accredited DISC Profiling Practitioner.

By doing the 3C’s Assessment on potential new employees, we help you to de-risk your organisation from hiring the wrong team member. 

The 3C’s Assessment targets all those questions that may go unanswered in the interview.

Get a process in place and do the due diligence on new hires before they sign the contract and mitigate the risk to your business.

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What We Do

You have finished the interviews and have 2 or 3 potential candidates that you think would be perfect for the role, but who should get the job? 


Stop and do the due diligence first.

Call us Accutate on 09 971 2205 to let us take the headache out of the pre-onboarding checks.

You just need to provide us with the candidate’s name, email address, phone number and job description for the role.  That is it you are done leave it with us, we have your back.

  • We will contact the candidates directly and start the ball rolling.  We will ask them to complete the consent form and provide us with their referee's contact details.

  • Our in-house Accredited DISC Practitioner will then contact the candidate to go through the process of the Extended DISC Assessment and ask the candidate to complete the online assessment.

  • As our service is exclusive to your business all of our assessments are 100% matched to meet the role.  We will research your organisation, finding out how you work as a team what your vision and core values are of the business.  This will all be integrated to ensure the candidate matches your organisation and are the perfect job fit.

  • When the candidate has completed the online DISC assessment, our in-house accreditor will analyse the results and integrate these into the 3C's Assessment.

  • Generic templates are just a script.  With our 3C's Assessment, you know that you are getting full transparency to see behind the CV and that every question that is asked only relates to your organisation.

  • When the candidate has sent us the completed consent form,  we will start to contact the referees and book in a good time to do the assessment.  Don't worry about the timezones we have that covered.

  • Throughout the process, we will keep you updated on our timelines.

  • We will speak to the referees verbally, this helps us to get a feel for the conversation and if needed we can delve deeper on certain questions.  We do not use automated reference checks these are exclusive to your business and the role.

  • We aim to have the completed job-specific reference checks back to you within 72 hours dependant on availability of the referees.

We Don't Do

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• Advertising for the job
• Screening CV’s
• Organising interviews
• Advise you on which person you should employ

If you are really wanting some of these done, we do have someone who can assist with this.  Just ask for more information.