How We Helped Our Client - Case Study

Dear Client,


I can totally see where all your frustrations are coming from, especially as being the director of your own engineering business, it must be hard trying to find the right staff to do the job, plus juggling your own duties, you must have a constant headache with trying to do everything. 


The recruitment costs are getting way too high on average it is costing between $10k up to senior management level $25k every time you hire.  As the recruitment costs are getting so high, you decide to give it a go yourself and do the recruitment in-house.


This does not include the cost of training up the newbie on new software that the company uses.  Staff having to train them up on the procedures of the company and how they work.  This has taken your staff member nearly 8 hours to do and now they are 8 hours behind on their own work. 


This has resulted in the existing staff member getting frustrated and is not happy with having to keep training new staff for them to leave.  Business cards have been ordered and affiliated group memberships paid.  I can understand it must be keeping you awake at night with how much money it costs to hire new staff.


Don’t worry we have a solution that is going to take your headache away.

You are hiring a book-keeper to sort out the accounts for the business, so you would like to have a credit check done and not too sure where to start. 


When you have gone through all the CV’s narrowed them down to 5 people then done the interviews and finalised it down to the final two.  Then the really hard work starts with trying to do the reference checks. 


First, you must find out from the potential new hire, the details of whom they would like you to speak to and get a consent form signed from them.  This is only the start. 


You have decided to call 3 referees.  You have tried contacting the referees and sometimes they are not available or are too busy to speak at that time.  So, you must call them back and try again. 


You are having to constantly stop and start doing your own work and trying to juggle the calls.  You have finally managed to get hold of one referee, after about 40mins on the phone you try another.  Still no answer from two of the referees, you decide to send them an email to complete the reference check themselves at their own convenience.


You would also like to do a MOJ (Criminal Check) but it normally takes 20 days for it to come back which is far too long to wait to make a final decision, so you are not sure if you will have the chance to do this.


You have still not received the two reference checks, so, after trying to call them all week and speaking to the newbie and asking them to chase them up you decide to go ahead and further progress through the background checks.


All the time lost in trying to contact the referees, sending emails and calling the candidate it has probably in total taken nearly 3 to 4 hours out of your working week.


This is precious time lost, you need to be focussing on your existing clients and you have also just signed up a new client, so you are finding it hard to juggle and keep on top of everyday tasks.


After all this, you still didn’t hear back from 2 of the referees, so you try them both again but no answer.  You decide to go with your intuition and hire the candidate. 


Later, they have started working for you…. All is going well they have been working with you for 8 weeks and you realise that maybe it wasn’t the right decision to hire them for the role.  They are not doing the accounts correctly and some payments have been missed and clients have been calling you directly to complain.  Staff are also unhappy as they have concerns that the newbie is not right for the team as the new member of staff prefers to be left alone and does not really engage with the other staff members.   


Don't stress we have the perfect solution for you?