What is the Candidate Assessment?

Good Question! 

You have heard of the generic reference checking services out there and the automated reference checks.  The service we provide is totally different and this is why?

Through the success of NZ's only 3C's Assessment, we have listened to our client's feedback and have now launched a new cost-effective option to the pre-onboarding background checks. 


We are proud to offer you the Candidate Assessment.


This assessment is similar to the 3C's Assessment by creating the reference check to match the role, this has more specific targeted questions built around the business and core values.  The assessment does not include the Compatibility Analysis Assessment.

How Does It Work and What Have We Solved?

You have found a candidate, what do you do next?

Contact us by email with the following:-

Candidates name, email address and phone number

Copy of the job description and that is it!


Yes, I know, it is too good to be true.  But, what have we solved?

  • We have taken the headache out of the recruitment process.

  • No more pressure or feeling overwhelmed with doing the pre-onboarding checks yourself.

  • Ensured that you have done the due diligence on the candidate.

  • Completed all the real-time admin tasks for you.

  • Saved you $$$$ on recruitment costs.

  • No more playing phone tag with referees and wasting your valuable time.

  • You have more time to focus on your job. 

  • Given you all the hours back that you have lost doing the checks yourself.

  • Provided you with a stress-free streamlined process.

At Accutate, we prefer human to human conversation, we will only contact the referees at a convenient time for them, this enables us to have their full attention. 


We do not send the Candidate Assessment directly to the referee as if you don't have the time or resources to do the reference checks yourself, then the referees also do not have the time to complete these on behalf of the candidate also. 


We want full transparency for all of our clients.  This enables us to check that the candidate is whom they say they are and address any red flags that may arise in the conversation.

Outsource it to the professional and let us help you with your Candidate Assessments.  

We offer a streamlined and process-driven approach to get you the answers to all of the burning questions you may have after the interview.

Give us a call today to talk through your requirements.