With over 20 years’ experience of working in HR and Recruitment in Construction, Executive Search and the Transport Industry. 

Our clients include working with Civil Engineers, Landscapers, Architects, Construction, Health sector and education sector.


Our knowledge in all Industries enables us to give YOU our clients our full expertise

Meet the Director

Suzanne Aubrey - Director


Born and bred in Yorkshire, UK, I had always dreamed of living overseas and couldn't wait to see what the world had to offer.  Over the past 15 years, I have had the opportunity to live and work in Dubai and Greece. 


We left the best till last and moved to New Zealand in 2014.  The Kiwi dream is real and we are truly honoured to have the opportunity to be able to live and work in such a beautiful country. 


New Zealand has provided me and my family with the life we could have only dreamt about.  Hearing the Tui's sing in the morning, being able to walk to the beach and see Rangitoto and go for walks in the bush, we are so grateful to now call New Zealand our home.

I had always wanted my own business as working full-time hours and juggling family life was beginning to take its toll.  New Zealand has enabled me to start my own business.


Whilst working as an HR Manager and in Recruitment, I saw a big gap in the market when it comes to doing the pre-onboarding checks for new hires and that reference checks were just becoming a script and what is a critical part of the process it was being lost.


I looked at different ways of doing the pre-onboarding checks and re-designed and developed a totally new way to the reference checking process.


The Candidate Capability & Compatibility Assessment (3C's) which has an integrated DISC Profiling Assessment into the checks ensures that our clients get full transparency behind the CV. 


The 3C's Assessment has been a game changer for our clients and they are now able to assess the candidates not only by the CV and interviews but by looking at behavioural patterns and identifying any areas of concern that show in the DISC Assessment.


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