Pre-Onboarding Employment Analysis Specialists

Specialised Services for SME'S 

  • Never have enough time to do the pre-onboarding background checks on potential new employees?

  • Costing you a fortune in recruitment fees and still not finding the right person for the job?

  • Are you hiring new employees and 3 months down the line wondering why you hired them?

We created our exclusive and specialised 3C's Assessments to make your life easier.

What is the 3C's Assessment?

We provide NZ’s only Candidate Capability & Compatibility Assessment; we like to call it the 3C’s Assessment.

The 3C’s Assessment is Exclusive to your business and is a new way of analysing and assessing potential new employees to see if they are a perfect match for your business.

By doing the 3C’s Assessment on potential new employees, we help you to de-risk your organisation from hiring the wrong team member. 

The 3C’s Assessment targets all those questions that may go unanswered in the interview.

Get a process in place and do the due diligence on new hires before they sign the contract and mitigate the risk to your business. 

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